The Lamar Theatre is located in Southeastern Colorado, in the town of Lamar. The theatreTheatre opened its doors November 15th, 1946, as a single screen, 832 seat "High Art Deco" theatre. The auditorium seats 682 on the main floor and 150 in the balcony. The fantastic floral mural work, pastel color scheme, curved edges and corners, chrome, mirrors, glass blocks, terrazzo flooring, indirect cove lighting, neon, colored floodlights and large stylistic marquee are classic to the Art Deco style.

The Lamar was built by the Atlas Theatre Corporation, a company owned by Charles U. Yeager. The design and construction of the Theatre was given to a prominent Denver architect, Charles D. Strong. The Theatre is now owned and operated by the Ross family. They purchased the Lamar in December 1994. The Lamar is an architecturally unique theatre that is amazingly well preserved. It is the only theatre in the Lamar area and has been showing first run movies nightly for over 60 years.




  • Facade
    • Monolithic treatment with green terra cottta and buff stucco
    • Fifty foot terrazzo sidewalk
    • Illuminated glass blocks
    • Chrome poster cases
    • Aluminum-faced ticket booth with curved glass
    • Marquee
      • center fountain effect
      • fifty foot wide
      • neon and floodlighting
      • three changing boards
  • Main Floor
    • Foyer
      • chrome poster cases
      • terrazzo flooring
      • recessed neon
      • mirrored ceiling
    • Lobby / Concession
      • aquarium with tropical fish
      • mural panels in fluorescent colors / black light activated
      • chrome poster cases
      • recessed neon
      • glass blocks
      • coves
      • rounded angle quality
    • Ticket Booth
      • aluminum-faced
      • curved glass
      • outside access
    • Restrooms
    • Office
    • Storage
    • Auditorium
      • large screen and stage
      • winged proscenium treatment
      • stadium seating under balcony
      • floral murals on ceiling and walls
      • recessed neon and colored floodlights
  • Second Floor
    • Balcony
      • chrome poster cases
      • stadium seating
      • floral murals on ceiling and walls
      • recessed neon
    • Projection Booth
    • Mechanical
    • Storage
    • Studio Apartments
      • 12 ft. ceilings
      • hardwood floors